Cheeburger Blandburger

In hopes of finding another really good burger joint and avoiding the traffic near Bobby’s Burger Palace in Eatontown, we decided to give Cheeburger Cheeburger in Holmdel a try.  It was a Monday night so I didn’t expect them to be too busy and they had a decent crowd.

When we walked in we were greeted by one server who promptly passed us off to another server.  I was happy that she sat us away from the kids and towards the back of the restaurant.

It had been a gluttonous week so I settled on “The Classic” which is their smallest burger at 5.5 oz before cooking.  I knew I’d be topping it with bacon and bleu cheese and wanted to shave off some calories.  The Boyfriend Chef ordered a Semi Serious (7 oz) with lettuce, tomato, onions (cooked) and bacon.  He also ordered a half basket of “Best of Both” (fries and onion rings) with a side of cheese sauce.

I give them points for cooking to order, having a variety of toppings and letting you create your own burger.  But our experience was one misstep after another.

Both burgers were ordered “medium” because they don’t cook them any less than that.  I like my burger medium rare but am happy as long as it’s still pink in the middle.  Unfortunately it was cooked through to a medium well temperature.  I thought maybe that’s how they roll at Cheeburger but I was jealous when I saw some pink in TBC’s burger.  After doing a little research I’m positive they overcooked my burger.  My bun was way out of proportion adding to the dryness of the burger but I was hungry, and it had bacon & bleu cheese, so I wolfed it down anyway.

TBC wasn’t pleased with his burger either.  He remarked how lacking in flavor it was and it is not clearly evident how they cook them.  There’s no char flavor as if they were grilled.  It’s possible they were griddled but he thinks they were baked.

The onion rings and fries were delicious and the highlight of the meal. The onions are cut thin and the batter sticks to them.  They keep the skin on the fries and season them with their own seasoning blend (salt, pepper, garlic, and a chemical to keep it from clumping).  The cheese sauce is pretty much warm Cheeze Wiz which is awesome if that’s your thing.

I was facing the wall menu of shake flavors and just had to have one to finish the meal.  I can’t go wrong with peanut butter so we ordered a small to-go.  My first thought was that it was a REALLY good shake with lots of peanut butter flavor.  But then I noticed the texture of the shake: it wasn’t that creamy and was rather icy.  So disappointing.  It was also rather expensive for the size and the low quality ice cream used.

Oh, remember when I said I was happy we were at in the back?  What a mistake that was.  The wait staff doesn’t have sections, they just alternate taking tables as they walk in the door.  Our server seemed to disappear at times and was busy with the front of the dining area.  She rarely glanced back our way to see if we needed anything.
Cheeburger Cheeburger is good in a pinch but I’ll stick with Bobby’s Burger Palace for now.

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One Response to Cheeburger Blandburger

  1. heyitsroman says:

    I’m not a fan of Cheeburger Cheeburger. I love the concept, but have never had what I would consider a good burger there. It seems like the larger the burger, the worse cooked it is. I like mine on the rare side of medium as well, but when ordering a larger burger (semi-serious, serious) , I have never gotten one that wasn’t burnt on the outside and cold in the middle. They probably cooked both burgers in your order for the same length of time.

    Stick to Bobby’s :)

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